Second Sight

Acrylic, latex house paint, oil pastel, nails on wood panel in artists frame
48” x 30” x 6.5”

Influenced by my interest in perception and existence, and sourced from anatomical diagrams depicting the structure of the retina in the human eye, Second Sight is a layered interpretation on the power of vision and in homage to minkisi objects, which have been historically used for healing rituals and divination practices. 



Acrylic, colored pencil on board in artists frame
32” x 32” x 1”

Transient is a consideration of the romanticized view of travel by trains and the history of the railroads, specifically the circumstances and conditions faced by those who experienced the transient way of life while riding the rails during the Great Depression.

Wandering Companionless

Concrete, latex house paint, screen mesh, nails, steel wire on wood panel in artists frame
39.5” x 39.5” x 6”

Wandering Companionless is inspired by my captivation with the obscurity of celestial bodies and titled after words from Shelleys' To The Moon.


Root Shock in the Big Four Land Grab

Brick, cardboard, cement, screen mesh on wood panel in artists frame
30" x 50" x 4"

In her book Root Shock: How Tearing Up City Neighborhoods Hurts America and What We Can Do About It, Dr. Mindy Fullilove introduces the concept of “root shock”.  The term, "root shock" is used to describe the traumatic stress reaction to the loss of some, or all of one’s emotional ecosystem.  It can follow natural disaster; development-induced displacement and changes that play out slowly such as those that accompany gentrification.  Root Shock in the Big Four Land Grab is the contemplation on New Orleans Big Four (B.W. Cooper, C.J. Peete, Lafitte and St. Bernard) public housing demolitions and the catastrophic impacts that are a result of the redevelopment policies of the state and federal government and private developers.

Waves of Flight

Acrylic, latex house paint, screen mesh, steel wire, found terracotta sculpture on wood panel in artists frame
49.5” x 34.5” x 6”

Waves of Flight calls into question the historical relevance of patterns involving government supported segregation, migration, and displacement and how this narrative has shaped and ensued incessant underlying causes of racial tensions. 

Does it Take a Literacy Test to Read and Interpret the Implications of An All White Male Jury

Concrete, latex house paint, paper, styrofoam on wood panel in artists frame
34” x 80” x 5”

By featuring four letters in the foreground that spell out the word “jury” in the tactile writing system of braille, Does it Take a Literacy Test to Read and Interpret the Implications of An All White Male Jury is a response to accounts of government supported administration of literacy tests and the significance of these tests as a method to disenfranchise racial minorities. In the background, the repetitive layering of the XY male chromosome letters from the XX/XY sex-discrimination system found in humans, paints the piece as a reflection of the sordid history of discrimination in the jury selection process and emphasizes the implications of it's lingering prevalence. 


Acrylic, oil pastel, gel medium, copper wire, paper, found magnifying glass, found keys, wood stain on wood panel in artists frame
15” x 25” x 4”

Villanelle is an altering of fixed poetic form, a disarray of magnified words sealed behind glass and an examination of repetition and rhyme in brainwave activity during the cycles and stages of sleep and dreams.


Acrylic, latex house paint, paper, plastic, plaster, mirror, steel wire, nails, glass marbles, metal on wood panel
12.5" x 40" x 5"

Transference is a reaction to the untenable argument that animal research and experimentation informs our basic human need for understanding and the attitude that because these methods advance our knowledge of human behavior, they are therefore ethical and humane.


Burlap, acrylic paint, screen mesh, metal, copper wire, found shell casings, found bike chain, wood stain on wood panel in artists frame
10.125” x 20” x 2.5”

Meandering is a consideration of the implications of systemic inequalities of race and class and the way in which these injustices result in a definite course of conflict, often times leading to a deadly flow of violence.


Cast glass, screen mesh, barbed wire, copper wire, metal, wood stain on wood panel in artists frame
14” x 32” x 5”

Impermanence is a result of research into one of the three marks of existence in Buddhism.  The term, "impermanence" expresses the notion that all of conditioned existence is comparable to a river, transient and in a constant state of flux.

The Butterfly Effect

Latex house paint, cast glass, copper, steel wire, nails, found brass butterflies on wood panel
11" x 44.5" x 5.5"

The Butterfly Effect is inspired by Edward Lorenzs' research on chaos, in particular, his insight about the way nature works and the idea that small changes can have large consequences.


Wood, cast glass, glass bulbs, metal, nails, oil pastel, wallpaper on wood panel in found box
18” x 10.5” x 3.5”

Compartmentalize is the categorization of a personal history of thought.  It is an intentional division of communication, through the physical and emotional separation of internal desires and external drives.

Accounts of an Old Sound

Paper, gel medium, wood, screen mesh, metal in found window frame
34” x 32” x 2.5”

Accounts of an Old Sound is inspired by Kevin Fox Gotham's book, Authentic New Orleans and is an interpretation of the way in which the city government and tourism industry in New Orleans is exploiting its people by projecting and promoting perceived iconic images of authentic representations of their history and culture. Much like an abacus, this strategic method of branding is a tool for a calculated campaign that aims to sell a sense of place that appeals to an outsiders’ gaze, all while using its people as resources for profit potential.

A Sense of Memory

Cast metal, glass, steel wire, steel wool, oil pastel, wood stain on wood panel in artists frame
60” x 41” x 14”

A Sense of Memory is influenced by the musical notation for repetition.  It is a measure of the complexities of visual and aural recorded impressions and the patterns and processes that encode, store and retrieve these elements of memory.

Through That Turbid Timeless Air

Latex house paint, nails, porcelain knob electric insulator, copper wire, steel wire on wood
25” x 40” x 12”

Through That Turbid Timeless Air is titled after words from Dantes Inferno and inspired by the reference to the starless air. It speaks to my interest in avian populations, specifically concerning the mystery of migration and the power of orientation in the night sky, in relation to homing experiments. 


The Passage of Time

Metal, steel wire, oil pastel and wood stain on wood panel in artists frame
61” x 18” x 3”

The Passage of Time is a present-day interpretation and reproduction of a diagram dating the past.  It is a sourced visual recording of the year-by-year studies on a series of generational trees and a scientific reading of place and time through the examination of their ring growth patterns.

Storm Clouds

In collaboration with Rontherin Ratliff
Vertical blinds, spray paint, hose pipes
103’ x 50’

Throughout history, one of the oldest games people have played entails the use of hands to manipulate string on and around fingers, in an attempt to create figures.  It was believed that these string figures were an instrument in foretelling the future and that the forecast is often determined by who is pulling the strings. As you approach the pair of hands joined together by the string figure of storm clouds looming, the intention is to consider what the clouds hanging over ones head refer to and to bring awareness to states of existence, especially to those characterized by hardship and suffering. 


Lingering Pulse

Metal, barbed wired, fabric perfume atomizer bulb on canvas
4.75” x 4” x 2”

Lingering Pulse is a reflection on the waning palpations of the past and the reluctance to let go of memories tied to affairs of the heart.

Eternally in Flight

Acrylic, latex house paint, screen mesh, copper wire on wood panel in artists frame
40” x 40” x 2.5”

Eternally in Flight is inspired by my interest in human ecology and titled after words from Nerudas, Your Breast is Enough.


An Ache For Distance

Acrylic, colored pencil, metal washers, wood, found spray paint cans, on wood panel in artists frame

16” x 43” x 2.75”

An Ache For Distance is inspired by the recurred longing for solitude, contrasted with a desire for a sense of place and the continual pursuit of comprehension concerning these ever-changing intervals between points of time and states of mind.


Latex house paint, rope, metal, wood on found baking pan
27” x 20” x 4”

Playscape is an attempt to deconstruct the paradigms of power that culturally manufacture the objectification of the female body. It is a visual form of word play, touching on the interchangeability of what or whom can be considered a playful landscape, which is loosely defined and characterized by the occurrence of enjoyment by the public and all those that interact with it.

Contemplative Crossing

Burlap, hemp cord, thread, metal, screen mesh on board in found frame
31” x 19” x 1”

Contemplative Crossing is an expression of my fascination with the symbolic significance of water in myths and folklore, specifically the belief that it's magical properties act as a cleansing force and a means to ward off negative forces. 

Conceptions of Aging

Brass handle, egg carton, gouache, metal, latex house paint on wood panel in found frame
18” x 18” x 1”

Conceptions of Aging is the result of my interest in, and subsequent research on, philosophical perspectives concerning issues relating to the human aging process.