• Bio •

Ana Hernandez is a painter and sculptor currently living and working in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is a founding member of Level Artist Collective and a Joan Mitchell Foundation Artist-in-Residence recipient. Most notably, she has exhibited at The New Orleans Museum of Modern Art, Exhibit BE, Stella Jones Gallery, A Studio in the Woods, The Carroll Gallery at Tulane University, The Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art and Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia.

• Statement •

Through the use of unconventional processes and nontraditional materials whose attributes embody affects of architectural elements and geometrical forms, I aim to evoke an ambiguity relating to the physical presence of depth in space and time, while simultaneously conveying an emotive emptiness echoing the elusiveness of perception and existence in aspects of the natural world.

By incorporating embedded language, in the form of signs, symbols, and text; a code of communication is assembled and the visual vocabulary may be translated as a language in divulging thoughts surrounding interactions with the climate of our natural, built, and social environment and as a reflection of the conceptual qualities of our mind and memories, which are shaped by the structure of our experiences and the state of our emotional ecosystem.